Titling & Registration

When & where to register your vehicle

You have 30 days to title & register your vehicle after it arrives here.

How to register your vehicle:

You may title register your vehicle by visiting our office. Please bring the following documents:

The out-of-state title:
  •     If you’re making payments on the vehicle, submit a copy of the front and back of the     out-of-state title. You may contact your lien holder (bank) to fax us a copy. You may      fax to 425-741-9426.
  •     If you don’t have the out-of-state title (no lien), contact the state it was originally     titled to send you a duplicate title or call us for further instructions.
Washington emission test if you live in an emission required area (most King, Pierce, Snohomish counties and some Clark and Spokane counties).

Vehicle Weight: where the vehicle weight isn’t on the out-of-state title: You may be required to present a vehicle weight slip from a scale house or call our office to get more info.

California Emission Standard: Must meet California emission standards if your vehicle is 2009 or newer. Please call us or visit our office to know more about it.​​

Use Tax: Vehicle that has been registered in another state and owned for less than 90 days: You must also include the: 
    •Vehicle/Vessel Bill of Sale showing the price of the vehicle or
    •Purchase agreement from the dealership with proof of any taxes paid.

For Motor home, Camper, Trailer, etc.
    •You may be required to present proof of sales tax paid. If you don’t have proof you paid        sales tax when you purchased your vehicle, you’ll be required to pay use tax.